China Standard 3 T Travelling End Beam End Carriage for Double Girder Overhead Crane with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

three t travelling stop beam end carriage for double girder overhead crane 

Description Of Crane Stop Carriage

Stop carriage of European one girder crane utilizing rectangular steel tube as parts, NC uninteresting milling tailored equipment , completes opening , uninteresting , milling ,and F series reducer, hollow shaft travel. Substantial function stage, wide assortment of pace regulation, comply with the term craze.
A total established of stop carriage which includes wheels, motors, principal beam connecting plates, main beam connecting bolts, stamping plates , polyurethane buffers and so on.

Our stop carriages are compact, rail-mounted travel models for immediate connection to crane girders and other load-bearing constructions. The finish carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box segment, wheel blocks and 1 of our geared motors. They supply superb journey traits – also for substantial masses


Spec. For Finish Beam: 


Attributes Of  3 t travelling stop beam end carriage for double girder overhead crane :

• ideal travel qualities
• easy beginning many thanks to matching push answers
• higher operating trustworthiness
• effortless assembly and accessibility
• for solitary and double-girder overhead travelling cranes, suspension cranes and travelling buildings.

Utilizing For 3 t travelling conclude beam conclude carriage for double girder overhead crane :


Major Attributes 3 t travelling conclude beam end carriage for double girder overhead crane  :

1.High rigidity

two.Torsionally rigid, enclosed box-part profile (reinforced relationship, welded diaphragm plate)

three.Engineering tolerances in the crane girder connection area

4.The best possible journey characteristics thanks to precise journey wheel axle arrangement and specific adjustment of the crane span dimension

5.Reduced dress in

6.Maintenance-totally free vacation drives thanks to anti-friction bearings lubricated for life and journey wheels made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron


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China Standard 3 T Travelling End Beam Stop Carriage for Double Girder Overhead Crane     with Free Layout CustomizedChina Standard 3 T Travelling Stop Beam Finish Carriage for Double Girder Overhead Crane     with Cost-free Design and style Custom